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***SPOILERS*** It's here blood suckers!  The show finale of True Bloodand what a journey we've been on with the inhabitants of Bon Temps.  I don't know about you, but when they announced last year that this would be the final season, I was ready for it to be.  I mean, the show was so ridiculous (in the best possible way of course), how much more crazy could it get before it finally crossed the line into soap opera territory?  What do you say about a show that made vampires interesting again?  How do you say goodbye to characters who spent more time naked than dressed?  When is it okay to admit you're going to miss exploding vampires and redneck logic? 

In a situation like this, we should all try to think: WWLD?  What Would Lafayette Do?  I think he'd say,  "Fuck the sentimental goodbye's bitches!  I'ma has me some'o this here tequila and has me a muthafuckin ball."  You know what?  He's totally right.

PamnEric Season 7 has been closing the book on several character chapters.  We've seen Sam Merlotte find love and happiness.  Something we weren't sure he would ever be able to do given his history.  Alced, finally got the love of his life and died trying to protect her.  I think for a guy like him, it was the only way to say goodbye.  Hoyt "Bubba" Fortenberry, returns and reconnects with the past (and Jason's face) that was taken from him and his first true love, Jessica.  From the devastating loss of her husband, Terry, to being kidnapped, rescued, almost dying and finally to finding hope in the arms of a vampire, Arlene has certainly come a long way.  Though Lafayette lost Tara, he found love.  Tara's mother finally laid her demons to rest and found forgiveness from Tara.  And Tara...well...WTF!!!!  She's killed in the first episode and spends the rest of season 7 haunting her mom? Tara says goodbye season 7 Really? What kind of character arc is that?  She absolutely deserved better and I was pretty horrified the writer's chose to go that lafayettenjamesroute with her.  Look,  I admit in her final episode where she showed Lettie, Lafayette and the Reverend Daniels why she couldn't move on and ultimately gave Lettie the closure she needed, was super touching.  I just don't know why she had to die in order for her to do that.  She was such a complicated character and Rutina Wesley gave her such vulnerability, her death (which happens off camera btw) felt like a let down after everything Tara went through.     

Jason Stackhouse, played by Ryan Kwanten.  Ryan doesn't get nearly enough credit for what he's done with this character.  He took what was basically the dumb blond of the show and made him into a guy you could count on, a best friend, a confidant and believe it or not, a protector.  Literally, his only skills for the first couple of seasons were fucking and drinking.  I'm really glad the writer's saw in Ryan's jstackhouseperformances something more to allow the character of Jason Stackhouse to be more.  Even when he fails miserably, he somehow wins because his heart is always in the right place. 

I think what I'm going to miss the most is the shows unapologetic approach to love, sex and civil rights.  Couched in Vampire Rights, the show took on many of the current civil rights issues and social injustices.  Impressively, some of the most memorable perpetrators of these injustices were also some of my favorite characters.  Russell Edgington, anyone?  I mean c'mon!  This guy (played by Dennis O'Hare) was A-Ma-Zing!  I almost didn't want him to lose he was so good at being bad.  A two thousand year old gay vampire who becomes addicted to fairy blood?  Who comes up with this stuff?  The show did a fantastic job creating dangerous, psychopathic  bad guys and gals, then adding a slight twist,  making them more human, or comical, or vulnerable or just slightly less menacing than they first appeared. 

Tonight, the chapter of Bill Compton, Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman will come to a close.  I'm going to make a prediction right now:  Sookie Bill will die (I was wrong).  There, I said it (embarrassed face).  I just don't think she moves on without Bill (Still wrong). stakethroughtheheartIt's been a long, sexy and bloody journey and there really is only one thing left to say.  In the words of Lafayette Reynolds, "Bye Heffa's".  

  ***Post Script: In case you hadn't noticed, this article was written before I had seen the finale and due to site issues, wasn't posted until they were resolved, which was today after the finale aired.***

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