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Don't look now, but Lifetime is getting into the supernatural business!  Last fall, "Witches of East End" premiered on the "pink network" and the only surprise is that they didn't think of it sooner.  A strong, sexy female cast opposite a strong, equally sexy with a heaping cauldron of mysterious, male cast, add a dash of witchcraft and you got yourself a hit show!  Well, almost.  

Witches-of-East-End 1In this case, it's a second season to prove it wasn't a horrible idea for Lifetime to step into this arena.  On the whole the formula for the show is solid.  My problem is with the storylines, lack luster plot twists and the not so great acting skills of Mrs. Jenna Dewan-Tatum.  Not that lifetime is renowned for attracting compelling performances, compared to some of the Lifetime movies I've found myself watching on quiet Saturday afternoons, Dewan-Tatum is the Meryl Streep of Lifetime.  To be completely fair, I'd say she's doing the best with what she's been given in material.  You know what they say, there aren't bad performances only bad scripts.  Say whaaaat?  Never fear, however, she's surrounded by pretty and pretty talented actors, the kind of eye-candy one might expect on a sexier show like, True Blood or... well any given Monday during football season.  To each their own I say!  Lifetime shows are quite masterful at creating romantic dramas that have the characters ever reaching for their happy endings, only to dash them against the rocks of bitter disappointment.  It's the main reason I kept tuning in, painfully crawling through the thin writing, hoping that at the end of my journey, this little girls heart would be satisfied that love had indeed triumphed.  I won't ruin the journey for anyone else looking to take a chance, but I will say the previews for season two, beginning on July 6, makes me believe the creators have amped things up a bit.  They're getting a second chance to make a first impression and it looks like they're going all in.  They've stripped away the bubble gum taste of season one and injected the show with a darker more dangerous atmosphere.  One hopes it will be enough.  

salem-banner"Salem", hardly needs any introduction as to its' premise.  Anyone born in the U.S. of A. knows about the Salem witch trials so they've already got a built in story-line. The good thing about this show, is that they don't take it for granted the history behind the town in "witch" the show is inspired.  See what I did right there?  A-hem, so as I was saying, Salem is very well written and cast (well...Shane West is growing on me), yet even he can be overlooked given the quality in which the story-lines are being weaved; specifically the dialogue.  It reminds me of the show, "Vikings", which takes great care to adhere to the realities of the times, including and most especially, the language.  Given the absurdity of witch trials and the fact that they ever even existed, the cadence and vocabulary the writer's have taken pains to resurrect is quite admirable and engaging. three witches They begin the season by showing us the brutality of the Puritans in their never ending quest to control the people of Salem through morality purging's based on religious fundamentalism.  No one is safe from accusation, judgement and most especially, punishment.  It's a harsh way to live ones life and after the first episode, you can see why the agenda of the witches of Salem's might actually be just.  With just two more episode left to air, things are coming to a head.  The question is: who will stand in righteous victory and who will be the ones to burn?   




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