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Think about when you were a kid or teenager and you met and became best friends with the most awesome person you have then or possibly will ever meet in your life. Playing House, is a show about those best friends, all grown up and still having the best time EVER.  I personally can relate because I have a childhood bestie and it’s like the show creators have met us or something.  As it happens the show itself was created and is inspired by the real life friendship between its stars, Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair

OuthouseEmma Crawford (St. Clair) left her hometown of Pinebrook to conquer the world and for the last decade as an overseas business executive, she manages to do just that.  When her pregnant best friend from home, Maggie (Parham) discovers that her husband has been cheating on her, Emma drops everything to come back and help her raise her baby. 

Emma never thought she’d be back in Pinebrook to live and when she left, she didn’t exactly leave on good terms with everyone.  The first season, Emma must mend fences and reconnect with the town she left for dead.  Not everyone is happy to have her back and they aren’t shy about letting her know.  Despite maintaining a closeness with Maggie over the years, it becomes apparent that a reconnection between them is also needed. KennyLogins

Season two, Maggie and Emma acclimate to their lives as “single” parents.  Maggie struggles to balance being a mom and figuring out what she wants career wise.  Emma also struggles with career identity now that the high powered business deals are out of the picture.  She also has the added pressure of constantly coming into contact with an ex that she still has feelings for but who is now married. 



The supporting characters are phenomenally cast, to name a couple: Keegan-Michael Key, is local cop, Mark Rodriguez, who also happens to be Emma’s former flame. Zach Woods, plays Maggie’s younger far less inhibited brother, Zach Harper.  All of this plays with a hilarious backdrop of private jokes, embarrassingly awkward situations, loving yet hysterical sacrifices and most of all, the kind of friendship a lot of people haven’t known since they were kids.  Top to bottom, I cannot wait for Season 3!   

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