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The Canadian’s are here!  The Canadian’s are here!  And they couldn’t have arrived at a better time for this American girl.  With its third season currently airing, American’s, are slowly figuring out that, Schitt’s Creek, is one of the best straight up comedies since, The Office.

SchittscreekporchAn incredible cast that includes Christopher Guest film alumni, Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara, the series huddles around the magnificent fall of, the Rose family.  Johnny Rose (Levy), a once video store magnate, his wife Moira (O’Hara), a former soap opera star and their two very adult kids, David and Alexis.  The Rose family is forced to leave a life of luxury and comfort when it is discovered their business manager has absconded with ALL of their money and cannot be found.  Since he never paid their taxes, the government seizes their possessions including their house(s).    

Co-created by, real life father and son, Eugene and Daniel Levy, the half-hour comedy takes place in a small town appropriately named, Schitt’s Creek.  After most of their worldly possession were seized by the government, the town, which was a gift to David (D. Levy) as a joke, was all that was left.  With nowhere else to go, they arrive at Schitt’s Creek and are forced to rely on people they consider to be barely more civilized then animals.oharawigs

There’s no reason in the world to like these people and yet they’re incredibly sweet in their naiveté.  Completely out of their comfort zone, they unknowingly insult and endear themselves to the towns people every chance they get.  In a lot of ways, they’re like a family of teenagers taking their first steps into adulthood and the result is charmingly hilarious.  O’Hara, is absolutely brilliant with her wall of wigs and outrageous outfits.  Nothing about her comes off as maternal, but in her own overly dramatic way, she holds up each Rose when they inevitably hit rock bottom.  That’s especially true of her relationship with Johnny (E. Levy), who is by far the least clueless of the lot.  A once self-made man, he is distinctly aware of how far they have fallen.  At an age when he thought he’d be living life on cruise control, he must now reinvent himself in order to pull his family up from the brink of poverty.     

alexisRounding out the main cast arem Annie Murphy (Alexis Rose), Chris Elliot, Jennifer Robertson and Emily Hampshire.  Murphy, is simply delicious as probably the most self absorbed Rose in the family and that’s saying something.  Every episode, whether she’s at the center or not, she shines.  None more so than when she and David are at odds. 

As the loner of the family, David, basks in his unique sense of fashion, which he undoubtedly inherited from his mother, and his above it all outlook on the world.  His unlikely ally and only friend in the world, is Stevie Bud (Emily Hampshire).  The manager of the motel where the Rose's live, SteviendavidStevie is like a slightly kinder version of every character, Janeane Garafolo, has ever played, ever.  And David, in all his black and white finery, is more color than a small town girl like her has ever seen so, of course, they're drawn to one another!

As the towns Mayor, Elliot (Roland Schitt) and his wife, Robertson (Jocelyn Schitt), play the benevolent hosts to the Rose’s.  Descendants of the town’s founding fathers, they’re what passes for pillars of the community.  They facilitate the Rose's moving into a severely run down motel, which in and of itself often lends great comedic irony. chriselliotnwife

Surprisingly relatable, this show offers more than just a ton of laughs, without being cheesy, it gently offers some perspective on what is truly important in life. 

Schitt’s Creek airs, Wednesday nights on POP TV.  Get caught up on Netflix now!                               

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