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This past spring brought in a lot of new shows as well as the return of some favorites.  Among the returns were, The Mindy Project, New Girl, Teen Wolf, Hart of Dixie, Revenge and Vikings.  Since this is more of an introduction article, here are the "Cliff's notes" (in order) in reviews for these returning shows:

Fantastic, Blah/Boring, Shocking, Ho-Hum yet with a hopeful season ending, utterly rewarding, and violent yet beautifully shot;still but not as gripping as season 1.

OriginalsAs for some of the fall/spring introductions, most got the ax and rightfully so in most cases.  The Originals came back this Spring for the second half of their first season and did not disappoint.  I don't watch The Vampire Diaries which is the sequel to The Originals, but decided last fall to give Originals a chance based solely on the previews.  The cast alone could have limped this show along to another season if the writing hadn't been up to par.  Thankfully it was or this might be a different review.  It doesn't happen very often, especially for a CW show, but Originals managed to surprise me almost every episode.  It has romance and violence, sometimes simultaneously, magic, heroism, intrigue and what all CW show's invariably have, a good looking and often in some state of semi-dress, males cast.  

Another surprise hit was, The Blacklist.  Let me be clear, this wasn't a show I was immediately drawn to after the first episode.  It had a very shakey start with predictible plotlines and characters but somewhere The Blacklistaround the fourth or fifth episode the show turned things around.  The always sublime acting of James Spader was truly the only reason I kept watching.  He never ceased to entertain, even when delivering some of the most bone chilling lines on network television, he had me smiling.  By the time I reached the last episode, I found myself at the edge of my couch, salivating over the unraveling of the entire seasons intrigue's only to be replaced, quite smartly and in the final scene, by even more intrigue.  

So, I'm a sucker for detective drama's though I only subscribe to a select few.  This past fall/spring brought two, often intertwining drama's, though to be correct, one isn't really a detective drama.  Chicago Fire and it's spin-off, Chicago PD brought the heat. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.  Let's be honest, who doesn't love a strong male character in uniform?  Look, it's not a new formula by any means, we've all seen these shows before but it's still watch worthy.  Of the two I'd have to say, Chicago PD, has the edge on writing and noteworthy storylines but the intensity of both shows is a dead tie.

This past fall, HBO, aka the best channel on TV, brought s psychological thriller series, True Detective.  Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson starred in this utterly sensory destroying show.  Until I waded through each episode, and that's really what you have to do, wade, I never would have thought to pair these two actors.  Now I can't believe they aren't the DeNiro/Pesci of gritty southern drama's.  It totally makes sense!  These guys are perfect together and I really hope to see them in another show or more likely, film.  True DetectiveThe chemistry between them really took, what at times seemed like the verbal equivelant of a winding road to nowhere, to a whole other level.  This is not a show for someone with a short attention span.  It takes place in the deep south, in places you don't even want to know exist and like the south, True Detective takes is time to come round to the point.  But what a point!


Brooklyn Nine-NineNow let me lighten things up for a second by giving a quick mention to Golden Globe winning show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  Yep!  You read me correctly, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a Golden Freakin Globe winning show.  Hey, I'm not hating on it, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it was written and the fact that it is actually funny.  I lay bets I'm not the only one surprised.  I am probably one of the only people on the planet not blown away by Andy Samberg's digital SNL shorts and even less by his skits.  What can I say, I'm not an easy laugh.  I fully expected this show to flop and disappear.  To find myself laughing and investing in some of the characters emotionally was a total shocker to say the least.  Still.  Golden Globe winner. Really?  

Now I turn to another new show that came out this spring, Resurrection.  This show requires the watcher to suspend their belief in what is real, much like a supernatural show, but without it actually being a supernatural show; at least as far as we know at this point.  I'm not going to get fully into this here as I plan to review it later.  I will say, however, the writers are walking a very fine line.  They're raising all of these questions that, if they don't have a plausible answer, will blow up in their faces.  

Finally, a list of shows that were given their walking papers and I'll be honest, I wasn't surprised by most of them.  

"Believe" - Sad to see it go.  I was in. 
"Growing Up Fisher"
"The Michael J. Fox Show" - Not surprised.  It was pretty bad.  Love Fox though.
"Sean Saves The World"
"Welcome To The Family"


"Surviving Jack" - This one really hurt.  Fox made a mistake letting this one go.  It was actually funny, smart and Christopher Maloney was hysterical.  
"Raising Hope"
"Almost Human" - Good idea, horrible execution.

"Trophy Wife"
"Super Fun Night" - Horrible and hard to watch.
"Lucky 7"
"Mind Games"
"Once Upon A Time In Wonderland" - Yeah...I watched every episode but was not surprised it didn't take hold like it's Once Upon a Time counterpart.
"Killer Women"
"Betrayal" - A sexier Scandal without all the big, razor sharp and wordy speeches.  I think it might have found it's own audience given another season.  It was getting there.  
"The Assets"
"Back In The Game"
"The Neighbors"

"We Are Men"

The CW
"The Carrie Diaries"
"Star-Crossed" - Great idea, horrible casting and even worse writing.  
"The Tomorrow People" - Another good idea show but executed poorly and questionable casting choices.

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