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To recount, Shadow Hunters was an abysmal film.  The TV show, is worse.  Much, much worse.  I'm not a critic who likes to tear down actors, no performance is 100% all on them.  It's a collaboration and a lot can go wrong when one or more of the pieces is out of whack.  

There's no doubt in my mind that this show has a lot of pieces way out of whack, the acting being only one.  It's plods along frustratingly slow with poorly executed fight scenes.  The show seems to care more about how the characters look instead of developing any sort of interesting storyline.  It's like a bad soap opera where the characters get all geared up and pumped up to do something and they spend about 40 mins talking about it and do nothing until the very end.  I've not read the books but I'm pretty confident they read a lot more slicker and action packed than what's being dramatized.  They're trying to be so sexy and dark while creating a romantic longing between the characters and they're failing at every turn.  It's a real shame and viewers should make them pay for being so lazy when they had perfectly good material to draw upon.  Tune out.     



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