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Netflix’s, Jessica Jones starring Krysten Ritter, is not the super hero or the show I expected.  Granted, I knew nothing about the much hyped character going in, but I was very open-minded and ready to be wooed.  I loved what Netflix did with Dare Devil, so I had high hopes for this female driven super hero series. 

To start, unlike Dare Devil, Jessica Jones doesn’t do a lot of flashbacks in terms of her own origin story of how she became powered, what exactly they are and the limits of those powers.  We just kind of drop into the life of an extremely surly woman who makes her living as a hacker/sleuth and has precious few redeeming qualities and even fewer friends.  We know she’s strong, like REALLY, really strong but that doesn’t mean she can’t get hurt.  The flashbacks we do see, concern a horrific past with a villain/ex-boyfriend known as, Kilgrave.  I don’t want to spoil what makes him so dangerous to those who haven’t read the comics, but let’s just say that JJ’s time with Kilgrave was…transformative. Malcolmdrugface

JJkickassJessica Jones is not the hero with the hard shell and soft creamy filling.  She’s more like Jawbreaker.  With zero savior qualities and the reluctance of a cat taking a bath, Jones often-times protects the weak.  Her neighbor, Malcolm (Eka Darville) is a perfect example.  He’s a drug addict and all around loser (kinda, but not really), but when he’s in trouble, Jessica is there.  Grumbling and irritated to the bone, but there.

The closest thing to a friend or family that Jessica has is, Patricia “Trish” Walker (Rachael Taylor).  Adopted by Trish’s mother when her parents were killed, she is all Jessica has that connects her to her own fragile humanity. 

Trish is the only person she shows her heart to, the only person in the world she can depend on and drop all her walls with.  Which is why Jessica spends most of S1 pushing her away, trying to keep her out of the dark and dangerous world in which she operates.Jessand Trish


Don’t worry, pervs, it’s not all flying fists and blood for Jones.  There is a love interest, and surprise, he’s strong enough to handle whatever Jones throws his way.  Literally.  Luke Cage (Mike Colter), might have been her perfect match but for the one secret between them.  His wife.           

luke cageFans of the Matrix trilogy and Harry Potter films will be happy to know that Carrie-Anne Moss and David Tennant also star in the series.  Spoiler Alert!!!  Carrie-Anne Moss (Jeri Hogarth) is still a bad ass and David Tennant (Kilgrave) is still the bad guy. 

S1 is all about how Jones’ past explodes all over her present, forcing her to stop running and finally take a stand.  S2 is a go and although I wasn’t as intrigued with S1’s storyline, perhaps S2 will open a more interesting can of worms for viewers to digest.   



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