I may roll out a longer review once a full 15 episodes are aired, but since we’re only at six, I think this is more appropriate.  Taking place in L.A., these first six episodes cover the six weeks in which Rick Grimes (“Fear The Walking Dead”) was in a coma.  We finally get to see how it all started, how the cities and towns and people reacted in the very beginning.  Up until now, we've only seen the aftermath and followed the stories of the survivors.  Now we get to see how they survived humanity’s apocalypse.  As a BIG fan of TWD it was a bit frustrating to watch because I know everything the characters don’t and watching them fumble around was difficult.  I love that the creators and writers have chosen a blended, racially diverse family in one of the most racially diverse cities in the United States.  They’re really concentrating on who these people are and how this apocalypse shapes them.  It takes time so fans of this series, be patient and keep watching.  

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