SO...the devil is...changing?  AKA, the premise of new Fox show, Lucifer.  I imagine somewhere in the casting notes for title character, the role called for a dark and beautiful man.  If Tom Ellis is nothing else, he's certainly that.  SIII-II-II-ZZLE.  Thankfully, Ellis is much more than a pretty face as the show rests entirely on his shoulders and yes, he delivers.  The surprise twist is that it's billed as a comedy-drama and even more surprising, on many levels, IT delivers.  With a lot of tongue and cheek going on throughout each episode, Lucifer (the character) is sexy, smart, irreverent, avenging and totally conflicted about his new roll on earth.  Not to mention he has dark angels trying to get him to go back to Hell.  Cozy.  He alignes himself  with a Detective, played by Chloe Decker (Lauren German), who also happens to be the only human utterly immune to his "charms".  On the whole, Lucifer has promise if you like that whole, the devil is a charming bastard, deal.  For my time, I'd like to see a little less charming naughty boy and a little more dark avenging angel.  But I'll keep watching. 

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