I'm just gonna say it.  There is nothing super about Supergirl.  For me the show unwinds in a completely predictible fashion.  The characters are pure bubble gum and the plots are completely without sophistication.  It would have been nice to see a more complicated Supergirl.  In a way, her "coming out" is like a teenager growing into a young woman.  For 15 years she's supressed who she is so she really never had the opporunity to figure that out.  She's a nice person, we get it, but can't she also be a little selfish sometimes, or a fool for love?  The show attempts to create a Supergirl making mistakes and growing through them, but it lacks substance and a real emotional connection to the viewer.  Listen, I'm not hating on Melissa Benoist, I think she's a perferctly wonderful actress.  I just think she's not being stretched much as Supergirl.  In a genre where there are SO very few female superheroes, I look at a show like, "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and I know Supergirl could be so much more than a physically strong girl that can fly and shoot lazer beams out of her eyes.  It's not all bad though, Benoist is supported by Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) and Winn Schott, Jr. (Jeremy Jordan) who I believe bring more depth in a show drowning in platitudes.  If Supergirl can begin to focus more on that  and less on creating a unattainably sterling role model out of Supergirl, they might create a show viewers will tune in for the long run.   

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